Android License Revoked, Analyst: Huawei Phones Will Be Lost From International Markets

JAKARTA – The number of Huawei products exported and shipped to a number of countries in the world could decline in the first quarter of 2019. According to Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics, the US is at risk of losing its smartphones in international markets from Antaranews. “Huawei may be excluded from the Western European smartphone market by 2020 if its products are out of Google’s reach,” said Linda Sui, director of Strategy Analytics Wireless Smartphones, Reuters quoted Saturday (24-5).

Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics expect that Huawei’s smartphone shipments as the world’s second-largest manufacturer will fall 4 percent and 24 percent in 2019 if US sanctions continue.

Linda Sui estimates that Huawei’s shipments in 2020 will decrease by 23 percent. Linda, however, assumes that the company will survive on the thin Chinese domestic market.

Fubon Research, which originally estimated that Huawei’s product shipments could reach 258 million smartphones in 2019, is renewing its worst-case scenario to only 200 million worldwide.

Huawei controls nearly 30 percent of the smartphone market in Europe, according to IDC research. The company shipped 208 million smartphones in 2018, including half of the products sold outside of China.

For Huawei, Europe is an important market for premium smartphone products.

Huawei claims to have developed the technology it needs to survive in the years to come.

However, some global experts can not accept the claim and claim that the key components and intellectual property rights required for Huawei equipment are only available in the United States. Shanghai-based intralink analyst Stewart Randall said Huawei threatened to dismiss thousands of workers and “disappear for a while as a global player.”

Potential buyers of smartphone products are expected to switch from Samsung Electronics or Apple Inc. to top-end devices. While the potential buyers in the middle segment will take a look at the Chinese competitors OPPO and Vivo. “Huawei has left behind a large market share that competitors can take over, notably Samsung, which will strengthen its markets in regions like Europe,” said Bryan Ma, global market researcher for smartphones at IDC.

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