Google Service Still Works On Huawei Android Phones

JAKARTA – Google has confirmed that Huawei no longer allows the use of the Android OS version. Users who already own a Huawei Android phone can still use Google services.

“For questions from Huawei users about our steps to comply with recent US government action, we guarantee that services like Google Play & Security from Google Play Protect will work on Huawei devices, even though we meet all the requirements of the US Government that already exists, “said the Android Twitter account on Monday, as reported by Zdnet on Monday (20/05/2013).

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Google Play Protect is a security service based on the Google Play Store that reviews applications in stores and on devices owned by users.

The tweet did not reveal much, but this shows that Google will not affect the experience of the mobile phone already in use. Huawei phones in the future without Google services.

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Huawei is to develop its own operating system as a backup for Android prohibitions.

With the recent switch from Huawei to consumer laptops, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft joins Google’s operating system ban. On Monday, the South China Morning Post reported Lenovo had countered rumors that Huawei’s delivery would be discontinued.

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