Samsung Troubleshoot Smartphone Fold Screen Galaxy Fold

SOLO – Samsung has worked hard to improve the performance of its flagship Galaxy Fold. The South Korean provider has suspended the plan to launch the smartphone due to a series of consumer claims.

So far, many parties were not satisfied with the design of the Galaxy Fold. They fear that Samsung’s folding-screen smartphone will be damaged by dust, sand and other contaminants that might get stuck in the hinges. Consumers also demand that Samsung additionally protect the screen of the smartphone.

Now Samsung has solved several issues related to the Galaxy Fold smartphone. According to reports, on Thursday (16.05.2013) Samsung put the tip of a protective film in the body of the mobile phone in the GSM arena. Samsung also does not apply a protective layer to the lunette tip. In addition, Samsung reduces the gap between the upper and lower hinges to prevent ingress of foreign objects. However, Samsung does not guarantee that repairs can prevent the ingress of dust and other objects. Samsung is still thinking about the best design for the Galaxy Fold hinges.

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold version is currently being tested in South Korea. If it is perfect and ready for commercialization, Samsung will announce the release date. According to reports, this new model will be sold on the local market in June 2019.

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