Still Selling ‘Flawed’ Pixel Phones, Google Prepares Rp. 7.2 Million Compensation

JAKARTA – The owner of the first pixel mobile phone can receive compensation of $ 500 or about 7.2 million Rp. The company agreed to settle the class action lawsuit filed for the sale of the failed mobile phone.

According to Digitaltrends, Wednesday (15/05/2013), Pixel and Pixel XL were launched in 2016 and some users began to complain about microphone issues or issues. Google acknowledged the error in March 2017 and began to exchange damaged cell phones.

Although this issue is already known, Google continues to sell the device. Dissatisfied Pixel owners gathered last year to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit involves a Pixel mobile phone manufactured before 4 January 2017, dividing the owner into various categories. It is expected that the most affected users receive the highest payment.

Suppose an agreement was approved at the meeting on June 5th. According to reports, a Pixel or Pixel XL owner who returned his damaged mobile phone with microphone problems can expect to receive up to $ 500 from Google.

On the other hand, anyone who owns their damaged Google device must receive up to $ 350. It is also expected that payments will be made to those who replace their pixels with insurance.

After the court has approved the proposed settlement, the data subject must complete a form on the website of the law firm managing the case.

The broken pixel phone has what Google calls “the gap in the audio codec”. The lawsuit alleged that production errors caused “serious microphone problems” for Pixel and Pixel XL owners.

Google said at the time that the problem was affecting less than 1% of pixel phones.

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