The Owner Of TikTok Planning To Make A Smartphone, Like What?

JAKARTA – Ticton’s parent company, Bytedance, is reportedly working on its own smartphone project. This was reported by The Financial Time based on two sources working on the project. On the Sea Mashable page on Tuesday (28/05/2013) it was also reported that the owner of TikTok has a different strategy to attract violations. The focus will be on the introduction of mobile phones with many applications installed in the enterprise to encourage shoppers to choose their mobile phones over competitors.

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Next to TikTok, ByteDance also offers the news application Jinri Toutiao, the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin and the new news application Flipchat. The company is also looking for its own music streaming service to compete with Apple Music and Spotify.

The latest ByteDance project is the brainchild of founder TikTok Zhang Yiming after he acquired a number of patents from Smartisan, a Chinese phone manufacturer, and then hired some of his staff. Zhang has long been dreaming of a smartphone with the ByteDance application installed.

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